Our global perspective and worldwide information networkhelp you design new, superior components.

We work closely with our customers to help design products that answer the needs of the times
Since our foundation in 1946, we have engaged in the manufacture and sale of component parts for all kinds of products, always in pursuit of new possibilities for component parts. Our premier position in the industry has resulted from our wide range of products and our pledge to ” Provide the precise product the customer desires. ”
Today, as a result of market diversification, individualization and sophistication, unique products are appearing one after another, and product life is becoming steadily shorter. Greater value is required in terms of product performance, quality,design and other aspects.
Under such circumstances, we at  MARUSHO , as our customers’ best partner, are doing our best to provide products and services for new product development, putting to full use our abundant experience and know-how.
We are also actively gathering and analyzing the latest information to carry out plans precisely responsive to current market trends, so as to provide products which help expand our customer’s business spheres.


Information Service

It is becoming increasingly difficult to create a top-selling product using only a manufacture’s skills and ideas. Careful product development, based on accurate analyses of consumer preferences and market trends, is prerequisite. In other words, the ” market-in ” approach to commercialization, with full grasp of market needs, is now a key to success. We at MARUSHO are proud of our broad-based information collection and dissemination capabilities, which lead to the creation of new products of great present and future market potential.



We at MARUSHO,have always stringently selected, from among a diverse array of products, only those that are highly salable, supplying only what is needed, when, and in the quantity needed. Presently, we continue to refine our distribution system to make it ever more efficient and rational, so as to ensure swift and accurate delivery at all times.


Wide Product Range

Our know-how has expanded in keeping with the market. Therefore, we at MARUSHO,are today capable of meeting the needs of a wide variety of industries. Moreover, the numerous products born of our knowledge and techniques, accumulated through both individual activities and our inter-industrial network, range from standard rated products to those of non-standard specifications.


Parts Plaza


MARUSHO has always striven to be ahead of the times and carry out production in tune with market trends. As our customers’ best partner, we provide information and products that respond precisely to ever-diversifying, more individualized, and more sophisticated market needs. The Parts Plaza Store is the embodiment of such service and performance. The know-how we have accumulated is integrated here,where customer-oriented services are provided and business opportunities discussed.